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Pound Ridge is 14,130 magnificent acres carved by a glacier.  Its dramatic topography differs even from our nearby neighbors.  Uniquely ours, the dramatic rock outcroppings, steep slopes, woodlands and abundant
wetlands support a varied and complex ecosystem.

Town of Pound Ridge 
Affluent, Rural and
Very, Very Private

Excerpts from New York Times article

"In many parts of Pound Ridge, the rugged landscape seems to have been only gently altered by humans since the glaciers receded.  In contrast to some of its neighbors, the town, Westchester's smallest (in population) has marked its topography over the years not with highways and malls but rather with stone walls and narrow county roads that wind past meandering brooks, stone outcroppings and densely wooded hills.

Nowhere in the town's 23 square miles is there even a traffic light.  Its population grew in the 90's by a mere 4 percent, to 4,726 "an increase of just 176 souls"

Tucked next to the Connecticut border in Westchester County's northeast section, the community has always been a haven for people who want a rural way of life.

Not only does Pound Ridge have 2 and 3 acre zoning, but it is home to large tracts of undeveloped land.  The 4,700 acre Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, the county's largest park, occupies 22% of the town and offers trails, camp sites, and picnic areas for the public.  

Another 88 acres of the 719 acre Mianus River Gorge Preserve - the first acquisition of the nature conservancy, which purchased it in 1955 is in Pound Ridge.  The conservancy, a non-profit organization owns several other preserves in town - the largest being the 38 acre Halle Ravine, a recreation area lined with hemlocks, beeches and black birch.

The town park offers residents another opportunity to commune with nature on a 40 acre site, holding pools, tennis courts, a walking track, and ball fields, among other things. 

In addition to Pound Ridge's natural beauty and its abundant open space, its homes - high-priced though they may be - cost less than those in some neighboring communities."

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